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  XIBI Group Business Continuity and Recovery Services  
  Few organizations have the proper resources, knowledge, or time to create and implement effective business continuity plans. Emerging technologies, increasing system complexities, and shrinking budgets have contributed to this quandary and have forced many enterprises to go without the safety of an effective business continuity and recovery plan. Unfortunately, in today's environment, not implementing a business continuity plan is simply not an option.

XIBI Group's Professional Services specialize in providing comprehensive Business Continuity and Recovery Services plans to budget conscious enterprises in need of solutions and expert advice. Whether your need is large or small, XIBI Group has the knowledge and experience to test and implement a solution that meets your business objectives.

  Business Continuity and Recovery Practices Include:  
  • Infrastructure Assessment   Analysis
  Every IT environment is unique and each geographic location presents its own   challenges. XIBI Group's Professional Services team will assess your current IT   infrastructure to identify potential problem areas and the solutions to correct them.   XIBI Group's professionals know that properly evaluating an organization's   vulnerabilities and taking   preemptive action to mitigate risk is the only way to   ensure a plan's success.

• Architecture Design & Implementation
  XIBI Group's experienced staff will work with you to create detailed design and   process documents of a business continuity plan. This "best of breed" solution   employs services including: local and global clustering, remote replication,   traditional backup and recovery, and access to off-site computing environments.

• Plan Testing
  Once a plan is implemented, XIBI Group will utilize advanced testing
  methodologies to assess the viability of the plan. This is accomplished by
  attempting to successfully recover data while subjecting systems to a variety of
  planned, calamitous scenarios within performance parameters you specify

• Remote IT Resource Management
  XIBI Group can, at your request, remotely monitor and support your internal IT   environment. XIBI Group features a suite of Network and Monitoring Services to   ensure maximum network performance and Service Level Agreement compliance.

• Training/Knowledge Transfer
  XIBI Group's IT professionals will instruct your internal personnel on a variety of
  IT-related subjects including: iSCSI, fibre channel, storage networking, IP   networking, and disaster recovery/business continuity planning. XIBI Group stands   behind every service we offer   and will work closely with your organization to
  ensure you are prepared to implement and   execute your custom solution.

  Surviving a disaster or a major system failure requires extensive planning, expertise, and the time most IT executives cannot spare. Let the XIBI Group Professional Services team provide the knowledge and expertise required to ensure the future of your business.